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Worrying over free radicals and whether or not you’re consuming the right kind of fat isn’t just for adults to ponder. It’s also important for kids to ingest a good balance of healthy fats that provide much-needed support for developing brains and bodies.

Raluca Schachter shares some great advice on which fats she prefers in her kitchen, citing a multitude of nutrional benefits for each.

Most kids I know would finish half a stick of butter or a few slices of bacon in no time, if they are let to do so! Many parents fear that’s not healthy for their kids and most pediatricians advise to start them on reduced fat milk after they turn 2. And then make up for the “loss” by adding some more oxidized, artificial “kiddie vitamins” with omega 3??

But did I mention that our brain is 60% made out of fat and that children’s brains require brain-building fats like cholesterol and saturated fat for proper development? Did I mention that cholesterol helps build a strong immune system, contributes to the strength of the intestinal wall and helps babies and children develop a healthy nervous system?

I’m sure I mentioned all these many times… I strongly believe that around 50% of all existent health disorders that start as early as infancy these days can be corrected just by using the healthy oils and eliminating the toxic ones. I also believe that the omega 3 to omega 6 ratio can be corrected by the use of healthy fats and oils in the diet, without the need of supplementing, unless there are specific health disorders that need to be addressed.

But how can you make sure your child eats all the healthy fats she’s supposed to in order to ensure a good immune system and robust health? Here are my tips.

The most important thing to do is to ditch all the other toxic oils and fats first! That means stop buying margarine, shortenings and other butter imitations, canola, corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower, peanut or any other of these kind of polyunsaturated oils. They are highly processed oils, they go oxidized and rancid even before they hit the shelves, they contain high amounts of omega 6 fats and are NOT stable at higher temperatures. That means they generate harmful free radicals. Regular consumption of these oils leads to inflammation in the body, a wide range of metabolic imbalances and, ultimately, cancer.

Now that your pantry is clean and free of toxic oils, ensure that your child limits (and better yet completely avoids) processed, commercial food that includes the above mentioned oils. The most prevalent foods that contain these oils and fats  are : candy, restaurant foods, frozen dinners, processed snacks.

You have to fill up that pantry with nourishing, healthy oils that should be your staples in all your cooking. Stick with only these and you won’t ever have to worry about not getting the proper healthy fats into your and your child’s body…

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Which healthy fats do you rely on in your kitchen?

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