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Craig McCord

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This week, HandPicked Nation co-founder Staci Strauss talked with Douglas Gayeton about his new PBS program, The Lexicon of Sustainability. She was excited to speak with him (not only because it is an absolutely great idea), but because our friend Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms is involved. And we’ve come to know that when Salatin is involved something good usually happens.

And something really good is happening.

The Lexicon of Sustainability films by Laura Howard-Gayeton and Douglas Gayeton are being presented by PBS. It’s good to see a project that has been tended, cultivated and nurtured with such great care being brought to a wider audience.

From the PBS site for the program:

In all, nearly two hundred leaders in food and farming from across the country have contributed their valued experiences to this rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustainability. These insights serve as the centerpiece for a series of short films which educate, engage and activate people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America.

The idea that sparked this project sounds simple: How are we supposed to eat and live sustainably if we don’t even know the most basic terms and principles that define sustainability? Defining those terms and helping people understand the concepts of sustainability is why The Lexicon of Sustainability came into being.

For the past three years we have conversed with the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming. They have shared their insights and experiences and contributed their words to our rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustainability. To spread their knowledge our photography project has grown to include short films, study guides, traveling show, a book and lastly a website where people can add their own terms to this ever-evolving lexicon.

(from LexiconOfSustainability.com)

It’s well-crafted, inviting and helpful communication such as this that helps propel the real food movement forward. Congratulations to Team Gayeton.

Have you seen any of the Lexicon films? What did you think of them?