Meal Planning a Week’s Worth of Real Food

DaNelle Wolford

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DaNelle Wolford, creator of the excellent blog Weed ’em & Reap, wrote a handy overview about how she plans a week’s worth of real food meals. You might already practice most of these tips, but we think it’s so helpful to see them grouped together and categorized across seven days.

Nothing can strike fear into the heart of a woman more than the thought of meal planning.

Good grief!

You’re asking me to not only MAKE the food, but to actually PLAN in advance?


But I am here to tell you that when you cook with Real Food, meal planning is a cinch!

At least the way I do it.

Not only is my method fast & easy, it’s also economical which saves you $$$ in the long run, which makes your sweetheart happy, which gives you brownie points, which allows you to cash your brownie points in for when you want to buy that goat you always wanted. See? Meal-planning miracles right there.

So listen up. Grab your recipes, some paper and a pen. And prepare to have your mind blown.

How I Create my Real Food Meal Plans:

I always start Sunday with meat. Mmmm…meat. But there’s a reason for this. A meat dish will provide for 2-3 days worth of meals and here’s how.

Eating real food means you believe in food in it’s “whole” form. You’re not afraid of meat with skin on it and bones in it. At least I’m not. I hope you’re not either. Good. So, for example, if you purchase a whole chicken then you’ll be able to roast said chicken and have a delicious meal, then you can take the leftover meat and make a casserole-like dish the NEXT day, then you can use the bones to make a broth for a soup the NEXT day. It’s easier than you think and IT WORKS.

Later on in the week we have an “in season” day, which means we up the produce intake for that meal and create something with the local in-season produce sales.

Another day is a seafood day, because well, we love seafood and it’s wicked good for you.

Fridays are always homemade pizza night & Saturday is our “quick & easy” meals, or out-to-eat meal.

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This article originally appeared on Weed ‘em & Reap. It is partially posted here with permission from the author.

What are some of your favorite tips for planning out a week’s worth of real food meals?

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