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Andrea DiMauro

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Andrea DiMauro encourages us to not think about food in terms of what we don’t or can’t eat (i.e. dieting), but to embrace and enjoy the foods that we should eat.

It’s a helpful and inspiring reminder to always be mindful about what you eat, far beyond the context of losing weight.

Let’s face it: diets don’t work. Yes, people slim down and lose big when they cut out the donuts and soda. But diets are not sustainable because they’re all about what you DON’T eat. This sets you up for the misery of self-denial which can mean swinging between rigid restraint and wild abandon. You’re either “on” or “off” of a diet. Admit it: the day you start a diet, you’re already thinking about the day it will end. Imagine entering a relationship like that. Did someone say “doomed”?

Is a healthy relationship with food possible or are you resigned to join the slow-moving parade of the chronically ill obese population? It depends on how you think. When you frame your approach to what you eat with restrictions (gluten-free, sugar-free, low-fat, low calorie) your head is in the wrong place. Instead, consider how the food you eat nourishes you: it fuels your body to live the life you choose, it warms your soul and scents your home and it brings you together with the people you love.

Change the way you look at things and the things you are looking at will change. Changing your eating style to one that truly nourishes you is an opportunity to explore real food in new ways.

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This article originally appeared on Food Truth. It is partially posted here with permission of the author.

How have you changed the way you look at food?

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