Monsanto’s Sneaky New Bill

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Sarah Pope

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Monsanto continues its attempt to block any opposition to genetically modified crops with a new bill.

Sarah Pope (the Healthy Home Economist) explains the specifics of the bill, as well as Monsanto’s particularly clever timing in pushing for it now.

If you ever doubted that the executives of Monsanto believe themselves to be above everyone and everything – even the Law – well then, try this one on for size.

Fresh off victory over Prop 37 in California last month which would have required the labeling of GMO foods, Monsanto is trying to one up all of us yet again.

An omnibus appropriations bill for 2013 is currently being drafted behind closed doors by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees with the hope that it will be put to a vote and passed before January 2013.

The lame duck Congress combined with a public distracted with the upcoming holiday season has provided Monsanto with the perfect opportunity to score a fast one.

Monsanto lobbyists are pushing for a rider to the appropriations bill deceptively cloaked as the “farmer assurance provision”.

The true purpose of this biotech rider is to allow Monsanto to cut off the public’s access to the courts in order to stop its rapid and accelerating introduction of new GMOs to the marketplace.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, the Monsanto Rider would give the Secretary of Agriculture the power to grant a temporary permit for planting or cultivating a genetically engineered crop, even if a federal court has ordered the planting be halted until an Environmental Impact Statement is completed!

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Take action! Tell your state representatives to reject the Monsanto rider!

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