Mushroom Soup for Kids

Kim Gerber

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Soup is one of our favorite staples for cold weather mealtime. Soup warms us up, comforts us and is one of those dishes that improves over time, making it an obvious choice for tasty leftovers.

Kim Gerber recently published her recipe for a mushroom soup that is completely vegan, perfectly suiting her family’s participation in Meatless Mondays. Her soup gets a big boost of flavor from dried porcini mushrooms, lots of shallots and some fresh thyme.

This is just another example of Kim’s clever attempts to make sure her kids eat their vegetables with a smile on their face and a ‘yum!’ on their lips.

First let me preface by saying that every recipe I post on Out of the Box Food must first be kid-tested by my own children. Having said this, yes…this mushroom soup has been kid tested AND approved by two fairly particular nine year old boys. Don’t be intimidated by the words “mushroom” and “vegan”. In fact, for the kids’ sake let’s just call this soup: “Souper Mushroom Broth”…later you can fill them in on the rest.

Click here to get the recipe over at!

Have you been thinking about adding Meatless Monday’s into your family’s dinner schedule?

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Photo Credit: Kim Gerber