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Sarah Pope (the Healthy Home Economist) is helping to spread the word about the latest GM food poised to appear in the US market, the “Arctic Apple.”

After arrogantly submitting a measly 2 pages of actual company documentation in its request for Canadian approval of its heavily modified, “no brown” GMO apple, biotech firm Okanagan Specialty Fruits has set its sights on a quick release in the USA.

The USDA announced on its website a 60 day public comment period commencing July 9, 2012 before making a final decision on the subject per the company’s request.

According to polls, 69% of Canadians oppose this new GMO abomination with no doubt a similar or even higher number opposing in the United States given that 90% of Americans support honest labeling of frankenfoods.

Watchdog groups are scrambling to quickly amass opposition even as PhD biotech researchers admit that the resulting proteins created in GMO foods are unpredictable at best, a “normal” byproduct of the genetic engineering process.

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