Out With The Old

Renee Wilkinson

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I honestly forgot that we had a chicken coop still here at our house in Portland (check out the pictures in the slideshow). Past tenants were interested in keeping chickens, so we left it here. It sat empty while we were away and wasn’t really needed anymore.

We have a great coop now that has been working really well for us. It’s the one I included plans for in my book Modern Homestead. We love it because it’s portable, has a nice modern look and it gives the birds enough space while staying compact in the garden.

The ducks on the other hand needed an equally nice, permanent solution. We had been locking them up at night in their duck house and letting them out in the morning to free-range. But it was a drag to run outside in my pj’s every morning at dawn when it’s freezing. And it was also a pain to go on vacation and be required to find a duck-sitter.

So we tore down the old chicken coop, salvaging what materials along the way, because we needed that space for the ducks. We built a (hopefully) predator-proof enclosure to keep the duck house and give the ladies plenty of room to play.

Dismantling the old coop took almost a whole day and poor Jay did most of the hard work. My growing belly limited what I could do, but I managed to help a little.

The space was cleared through and materials neatly arranged for construction…

Stay tuned for more on the progress of the duck coop!

Have you ever built your chicken or duck coop? Any sage words of advice on the process?

This article originally appeared on hipchickdigs.com. It is re-posted here with permission from the author.

Photo Credit: Renee Wilkinson