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Jenna Woginrich

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Jenna Woginrich is hosting a prepping workshop on her farm in June. Featuring Kathy Harrison, author of Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient when the Unexpected Happens, the workshop will focus on helping the “rest of us” understand how much food we should generally have on reserve, how to keep a store of fresh water and other basic necessities.

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The first Saturday in June there will be a special workshop here at the farm. It’s about prepping, meaning emergency preparing. It’s an entire day dedicated to getting you and your home, farm, family and community ready for when times get tough. And it’s not what you think!

Unfortunately, due to television series and stereotypes, using the word prepping instantly fills people’s imaginations with civilian militia’s, ammunition caches, and paranoia about Yellowstone blowing up. This isn’t that kind of workshop. There will not be any conversations about AK-47 reloading options, UN plots, nor will any of us be wearing tin foil hats. This is a rational and important conversation about energy and the economy. It is about larger global issues and smaller, personal ones.

Prepping isn’t about living in fear, it’s about chasing fear away. By having a home that you know has enough food and water to last through an ice storm, a layoff at work, and a source of heat and comfort for your children. That is the kind of preparing perfectly sane people do. The kind of actions that help us sleep better at night.

Kathy and I will be talking about things like food and water storage, backyard sustainability, community building/skill sharing, canning from the garden, and small livestock. Basic elements of urban homesteading, but we will be talking about it with a focus on why growing your own food is more important than ever before. It’s important because we live in a time where few people are ready for any sort of disruption in their lives or society. A small number have enough food in their house to be able to eat at home for a weekend, much less a week-long blizzard.

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