Preserving: Past & Present (Podcast)

Linda Pelaccio

Linda Pelaccio › After many years of slinging hash and espousing the virtues of good food to her family ...


After a harvest, preserving food has been a concern and major activity of humans throughout history. Techniques may be modernized but whether it’s salted, pickled, potted, or dried, little has changed over the centuries. Join me as I explore the history of food preservation on this episode of A Taste of the Past. I speak with homesteader Jack Kittredge, the policy director of NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association,) who talks about how to create a root cellar in a modern day home. Learn about lacto-fermentation and preserving with fat among the many methods for preserving food. This is the second half of the conversation I had with Jack, where we discuss some of the different techniques for and modern approaches to food preservation.

You can listen to the episode in its entirety here.

(This episode of A Taste of the Past was sponsored by The Smallholding Festival)

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