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True Grits

Anson Mills head Glenn Roberts chucked a successful career to make some of the best damn milled products around. He set a goal to help revive his region’s cuisine, specifically South Carolina, and to do that he decided to start at the beginning. His intention was to grow, harvest and mill heirloom corn, rice and wheat in a sustainable way. He produces grits, cornmeal, Carolina Gold rice, graham and biscuit flour with almost hand-crafted care. He also grows Japanese buckwheat, French oats and Italian farro.

All this would be for naught if the product was so-so. Far from it. Loyal customers include well-known chefs such as Thomas Keller, Charlie Trotter, Lydia Bastianch and Jean Georges Vongerichten.

Try them for yourself and you will be rocked by the full flavor these organic heirloom grains possess.


Anson Mills’ Antebellum Coarse Ground Grits, 12oz box.

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