Bee’s Wrap: The Perfect Alternative to Plastic

Sandra Kehoe

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What if I told you that there is a great alternative to the plastic bags that we have all become addicted to? If I told you this product was not only functional but also easy to clean and all natural, would you believe me? I am extremely excited to answer these questions by introducing you to an awesome product called Bee’s Wrap. It is made from organic cotton muslin that is infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and jojoba oil keeps food fresh naturally and allows the Bee’s Wrap to be easily cleaned and reused. When you are placing lots of time and money into buying fresh ingredients it only makes sense to store those ingredients in a great way. Bee’s Wrap is a beautiful product that will allow you to cut back on the amount of plastic that you use, and keeps your food fresher for longer.

Bee’s Wrap is handmade by Sarah Kaeck and a group of women in Vermont. Sarah and her family love their farm on which they grow and preserve vegetables, milk goats, raise animals, and spend lots of time in the kitchen. Bee’s Wrap was created by Sarah to keep her food fresh in a safe and environmentally friendly way. She has now turned her amazing idea into a growing business that still allows her to keep her full time job as a mother of three.

Bee’s Wrap is an old fashioned solution that feels miraculous in our modern world.

– Sarah Kaeck, creator of Bee’s Wrap

I purchased some Bee’s Wrap a few weeks ago and I have been using it on just about everything especially my favorite cheeses. Plastic wrap or bags are the worst things to store your cheese in, and even though wax paper is a better option, it is still a bit clumsy and not reusable. What makes the Bee’s Wrap even more desirable than waxed paper is its ability to mold in the warmth and pressure of your hands. Once you mold the wrap, a few seconds later the wrap cools down and holds it’s seal and shape. Bee’s Wrap comes in four different sizes: small (7″ x 8″), medium (10″ x 11″), large (13″ x 14″) and Bee’s Bread Wrap (17″ x 23″). The small size is perfect for covering half a cut onion or cucumber. The medium size is perfect for covering small wedges of cheese. The large size is perfect for covering a bowl of rising bread dough, and the Bread Wrap is large enough to cover whole loaves or specialty bread from the bakery. The one thing you do not want to use your Bee’s Wrap for is meat.

If you are new to Bee’s Wrap they offer a variety pack that comes with a small, medium and large sized wraps (this is what I recommend starting with). To clean and reuse your Bee’s Wrap you need to rinse it in very cool water with mild dish soap. If you use hot water you risk striping the beeswax from the muslin. Allow the Bee’s Wrap to air dry and store it folded in a drawer or cabinet. Bee’s Wrap would make a great gift for any chef, cheese lover or food aficionado in your life.

What are some alternatives you’ve found for plastic wrap?

Photo Credit: Emily Blistein | Bee’s Wrap


3 wraps – 1 small (7″x8″), 1 medium (10″x11″), 1 large (13″x14″)

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