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The Mighty Oak with a Side of Ham

We have enjoyed La Quercia prosciutto on baguette slathered with good mustard and other times we’ve used delicious butter as our preferred condiment. Hell, we’ve stuffed it into our mouths just by its salty, fatty self. But lately, we’ve delved deeply into their luscious Tamworth Country Cured Bacon. The La Quercia crew combines happy, pasture-raised pigs from the Missouri Ozarks with applewood smoke and the result is our new obsession.

We absolutely love how Kathy and Herb Eckhouse are doing things at their place in in Norwalk, Iowa. Having spent time living in Parma, Italy (hence the Italian name for their enterprise), they have adopted and adapted Italian techniques to fit the Iowa terroir and the results are nothing short of amazing.

La Quercia means, ‘The Oak’ and on their site they explain:

“The name unites Iowa, Parma, and prosciutto, and is a symbol of patience, persistence, integrity, and beauty — values which guide us.” Those values are present in every single slice, rasher, shoulder and ham.”

They know exactly where and how their pigs are raised and by whom. Using the bounty of Iowa and the efforts of talented pig producers from the region, La Quercia is an example of sustainable teamwork. They need ultra-quality pigs with which to produce their hams and the farmers need La Quercia to make better use of the pigs they’re raising. Win and win again.

When you visit their site, more than likely, you’ll be salivating over their whole hams – and those whole hams are a seasonal business. But do not fret. While you wait for your ham to cure, try some of their sliced prosciutto, speck, pancetta, bacon, coppa, lardo spread, guanciale… well, you get the idea.

I must go now, I think I smell bacon cooking.


La Quercia Tamworth Country Cured Bacon. One piece, minimum of one pound.

Although we try to provide the most current information, pricing and sizing are subject to change by vendors. Please double-check both while purchasing.


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