Le Marais Chocolate Truffles

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If there is one thing Leslie Berliant is passionate about, it’s good chocolate.

Not just ‘good’ as in tasty, but ‘good’ as in organic, high quality and fair trade.

Maybe I should say, Leslie Berliant is passionate about GREAT chocolate.

She has been hand-crafting truffles for several years, but only recently started her own truffle company, Le Marais Chocolate.

Make no mistake, these are definitely not cloying bonbons.

Le Marais Truffles are made with 100% Organic Fair Trade Chocolate, Organic Cream and Locally Sourced & Organic Ingredients. They are made in small batches and hand dipped for flavors that range from subtle to intense.

Intense is an apt description.

The truffles have a smooth, dense texture that is the perfect match for Leslie’s assortment of unusual flavors. Flavors like: Thai Lemongrass, Rosemary Orange, Earl Grey, Port, and her signature, Le Petit Prince (baobab and rose!).

A portion of every sale goes to the BLU MOON Foundation Haiti Orphanage Adoption Program (HOAP). Our truffles have helped put in water filtration systems, pay for an orphanage renovation, and cover the costs of food, supplies and school uniforms for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti. With your help and passion for chocolate, we can do more, so order some truffles today!

You heard the lady.


1 Dozen Custom Mixed Truffles

Although we try to provide the most current information, pricing and sizing are subject to change by the vendors. Please double-check both while purchasing.


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