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Steve Sando started Rancho Gordo because he likes to cook and couldn’t find the kind of quality ingredients he wanted to use. Rancho Gordo offers 35 different varieties of heirloom beans, not to mention dried corn, chiles and chile powders, grains and rice and herbs and spice.

This from their website:

“A really lovely cousin to the Anasazi bean, Vaquero have intriguing black and white markings, not unlike an appaloosa horse might don. They are also known as Orca beans but there are several beans known as Orca. Vaquero really look like horses more than whales! The flavor is somewhat like the Anasazi but it’s a little lighter. The real fun is the inky, black pot liquor. It looks cool and tastes great.”

Really, all of their products are superb, but we chose the Vaquero Bean, because we just like the way it tastes.


Dry Vaquero Beans, 16oz bag.

Although we try to provide the most current information, pricing and sizing are subject to change by the vendors. Please double-check both while purchasing.


Cool Product, Right?