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Playing Ketchup

Creating something new in a crowded food category has to be daunting. That’s one reason why we think Sir Kensington’s entry into the wide world of condiments is so exciting. Another reason is the great flavor, after all, isn’t that why one uses ketchup? We’ve been slathering it on any and everything lately ’cause we can’t get enough!

There are two flavors, Classic and Spiced. It may be a bit of a personality test as to which one you prefer. We can see both sides of this flavor discussion. You have to tell us which one you like.

Besides its great taste, Sir Kensington Ketchup is notable for using raw sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, actual (real!) spices, even apple cider vinegar. Doesn’t that sound like all good stuff? With vine-ripened tomatoes from Northern California and jarring taking place in Pennsylvania, co-founder Scott Norton puts it this way, “We’re pretty spread out to find the best of the best.”

He may be in a crowded category, but Sir Kensington and his ketchup are stand-outs.


Classic or Spiced Gourmet Scooping Ketchup, 11oz jars

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