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If fine olive oils are so last year and truffle oil leaves you cold, might I suggest trying a roasted seed oil from the Finger Lakes region of New York?

A local farmer was doing pretty swift business producing pre-cut butternut squash for nearby supermarkets, but he hated wasting all those seeds. So, he approached Greg Woodworth and Kelly Coughlin at Stony Brook WholeHearted Foods in Geneva, NY about incorporating the seeds into their offering.

Working with food scientists from Cornell University at the Food Venture Center, the team worked together to produce an all-natural, 100% expeller pressed butternut squash seed oil. The product debuted in September 2008. The non-GMO seeds are roasted in 10-pound batches and pressed with a yield of 20%. The resulting oil is allowed to stand to separate naturally and is then filtered and decanted into retail bottles.


I first tasted their roasted butternut squash oil a couple of years ago and just loved the rich, nutty flavor. It was truly delicious and immediately conjured up the autumn season with one sip.

I recently tried the roasted pumpkin seed oil and was amazed by the big, dark flavor. It was a little like sesame oil, but not quite as acidic (to my palate anyway). I’ve stirred it into fresh ricotta for a simple spread, drizzled it over a bowl of roasted vegetable soup and used it to dress a green salad along with fresh lemon juice and sea salt.

It’s an intensely flavored oil, so you really don’t need a lot of it – but even the smallest drizzle is enough to wake up your taste buds to it’s unusual flavor.

Have you ever tried roasted seed oil? What’s your favorite kind?


Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, 6.3 ounce bottle (187 mL)

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