Raw Milk & The White House

Craig McCord

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The idea of petitioning the White House or the government isn’t new, but having an easy-to-use online platform on which to do it is. 

On May 31, 2012, Andrew B. from Dexter, Michigan petitioned the Obama Administration to investigate the legalization of raw milk sales for all states.

His petition reads:

We petition the Obama Administration to: investigate the legalization of raw milk sales for all states. Raw milk is much healthier than pasteurized milk.

Back in the 20s, Americans could buy fresh raw whole milk, real clabber and buttermilk, luscious naturally yellow butter, fresh farm cheeses and cream in various colors and thicknesses. Today's milk is accused of causing everything from allergies to heart disease to cancer, but when Americans could buy Real Milk, these diseases were rare. In fact, a supply of high-quality dairy products was considered vital to American security and the economic well being of the nation.

Sounds like a great idea.

Although we hate to be pessimistic about the legalization of raw milk in the current political climate, we absolutely believe doing nothing is unacceptable. And here's a great opportunity to do something,

So, if you want to be able to buy raw milk and raw milk products, sign Andrew’s petition today. 

Let’s tell the White House we want the right to choose to purchase and enjoy raw milk with impugnity.

You can find some good raw milk information at RealMilk.com

Photo Credit: Nourished Kitchen

How do you feel about raw milk? Do you think its delicious… or dangerous?