Leftover Chicken Enchiladas

Ashley Browning

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Editor’s Note: Ashley Browning offers this delicious recipe from her homestead in Big Sky Country.

We have reposted here it with her kind permission. Thanks, Ashley.

You can read this and other interesting posts on her blog, The Browning Homestead.

Check out her enchilada recipe below.

Now that you’ve made that whole roasted chicken, what are you going to do with all those leftovers? You will most likely have most of the dark meat left. If your family is like mine, we devour the chicken breasts right away.

But there is SO much leftover on that chicken!

Chicken enchiladas is a perfect way to use up leftover meat. This recipe made 1 1/2 9×13 pans! We ate on the whole pan for a few days and then froze the smaller pan for another night when we need a quick, real food dinner!

A few key points about our food and my recipes:

  • I try to find our ingredients as local as possible (whether it be from our farm, someone else’s, or made in Montana)
  • If I can’t find it local then I try to buy organic ingredients as much as my budget will allow
  • I absolutely will not buy canned soups (most enchilada recipes call for cream of crap)
  • If there is an ingredient I can make (like enchilada sauce) from scratch I’ll make it
  • My measurements are far from precise (that’s why this recipe had leftovers to freeze)
  • And lastly, the ingredients can vary largely. Add what you have, omit what you don’t, and substitute with what you do have!

Now that you know some of our basic rules when cooking–here is one of our favorites!

Leftover Chicken Enchiladas

leftover pieces from one whole chicken

2 cups soaked and cooked dried beans (black, red, or adzuki beans)

1 cup soaked and cooked quinoa (can use rice instead, but the quinoa was really tasty!)

1/2 cup green chiles

1 cup salsa

2-3 cups monterey jack cheese

15 oz. enchilada sauce (homemade recipe)

soft flour tortillas


Place first 5 ingredients in a sauce pan and heat on medium until warmed through

Incorporate 1 cup of cheese and mix until combined

Use about 1/4 cup of mixture in each tortilla and roll up, place in glass baking dish until full

Scatter remaining cheese over top and then cover with enchilada sauce

Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20 mins or until cheese is melted


Do you use a secret ingredient in your enchiladas you would like to share?

Photo credit: Staci Strauss

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