Recipe: Almond Butter with Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is has become incredibly popular with more and more people realizing its potential as an ingredient in the kitchen and for natural body care.

With so many different ways to use coconut oil, it can be a little intimidating to figure out where you want to start. Popping popcorn is an fun way to introduce yourself to cooking with coconut oil, but what about making a delicious nut butter? The subtle flavor of coconut oil, which is just a little sweet, makes a great companion to the richer flavors of almonds and macadamia nuts in Jamie Huizenga’s recipe.

This is an incredibly easy recipe to make, with several benefits. Jamie says:

I was amazed that this batch filled 6 twelve oz mason jars! What a huge savings, and a great way to take coconut oil. We can polish off a one pound bag of almonds pretty quick, and this is a good way to get the flavor and satisfaction without eating too much.

Fills approximately six 12-oz mason jars.

1 1/2 pounds almonds, soaked overnight in pure water

1 pound macadamia nut pieces

Almost 16 oz. of coconut oil

Real salt, to taste


Process everything until the consistency is a smooth as you like.

Mix everything well in a bowl and check for salt then pack in mason jars and store in the refrigerator.

Cook’s Note: The coconut oil will harden more than plain almond butter, so you might need to let it warm up to room temperature to be easily spreadable.

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This recipe originally appeared on grassfood. It is partially posted here with permission from the author.

Do you make your own nut butter at home? What’s your favorite way to make it?

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