Recipe: Dairy-Free Popsicles

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Jill (the Real Food Forager) recently shared a terrific recipe for dairy-free real food ice pops on her website.

Not only are these popsicles bursting with real fruit, they’re also very colorful – making them a fun and healthy snack for kids!

Prep Time: 10 minutes; Cook Time: a few hours to freeze
Dairy Free Real Food Ice Pops

1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

1 cup premade coconut ice cream (how to make coconut ice cream)


Immersion Blender (where to buy my favorite immersion blender)

BPA free Pop Molds (where to buy these molds)


Puree the berries separately with a stick blender or regular blender and set aside

Take out the ice cream and soften slightly

Alternatively, you could use homemade coconut yogurt (how to make coconut yogurt) or regular yogurt if you eat dairy

Using BPA free ice pop molds, pour a little of the strawberry puree into 1/3 of the mold

Pour the yogurt next — about another 1/3

Pure the blueberry into the last 1/3 of the pop molds

Cover the molds with the covers that come with it or if you are using wooden sticks, insert them into the molds

Place in freezer for a few hours until frozen

When frozen, carefully pull out and serve!

(The molds you have may be a little different and may hold more or less of the ingredient amounts)

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Photo Credit: Jill (the Real Food Forager)

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