Recipe: Grilled Pepper w/ Robiola Cheese, Celery Sprouts & Egg

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A simple, but beautiful egg dish full of flavor and texture. Serve with a thick slice of grilled peasant bread for a rustic breakfast, or atop some lightly dressed greens for an elegant lunch.

The fresh celery sprouts are the micro shoots of the celery plant. If you are unable to find them, you can easily substitute finely chopped celery fronds.

(one half pepper per person)
Grilled Pepper with Robiola Cheese, Celery Sprouts & Egg

1 fresh red bell pepper

2 1oz pieces of Robiola cheese, or a similar soft, melting cheese

2 fresh eggs

Fresh celery sprouts or fronds for garnish

Salt & pepper to taste


Cut each red pep­per in half from top to bot­tom. Care­fully remove any web­bing and seeds from inside the pep­per halves, leav­ing the stem intact (I removed mine and I wish I hadn’t).

Place a good chunk of your Robi­ola — or any eas­ily melt­ing cheese — in each pep­per half, then sprin­kle with cel­ery sprouts and top with a raw egg, pour­ing the egg in slowly so that it oozes around and under the cheese and is com­pletely con­tained by the pep­per. Place the pep­pers on the hottest part of your grill, or in the hot Aga oven. Cook for about 20 min­utes or until the white of the egg is cooked. A slightly runny yolk is ideal, but can be hard to achieve.

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