Recipe: Hollandaise Sauce

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This recipe for a quick Hollandaise sauce is just the thing to dress up some simply steamed asparagus… and, of course, no Eggs Benedict is complete without it! You can also easily turn your Hollandaise into Mousseline sauce with the addition of whipped cream at the very end. Swoon.

(makes about 1 1/4 cups)
Quick Hollandaise Sauce

2 egg yolks, preferably from pastured chickens

2 tbsps boil­ing water

1 cup but­ter (two sticks), melted and hot

2 tbsps lemon juice

Sea salt to taste

For Mousseline Sauce

1/2 cup dou­ble cream, whipped


For Hollandaise:

Put the egg yolks in the blender of food proces­sor and blend at low speed just to mix. Then, keep­ing the blender going, add the boil­ing water and then the but­ter, VERY slowly! Just a thin stream. Add the lemon juice and salt, keep­ing the machine going all the time. Voila.

For Mousseline:

Now, if you want to turn this already per­fect sauce into the more fes­tive Mous­se­line, fold in gen­tly about 1/2 cup whipped dou­ble cream RIGHT before serv­ing. Don’t add it ahead of time or the sauce will get runny.

Do you have a great trick for a quick Hollandaise sauce? Share it in the comments!

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