Recipe: Homemade Winter Skin Lotion

Sherrie Graham

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During the cold winter months, it’s important to remember to keep our skin nourished and moisturized with a good lotion.

As our stomachs and minds crave comforting fare, our skin also craves to be indulged and protected. It’s important to remember that what you put on your skin is still getting into your system, so it’s smart to find (or make) body care products made from all-natural ingredients.

Sherrie Graham has a wonderful recipe for a homemade winter skin lotion that uses beeswax, olive oil and coconut oil. Most of the ingredients in this lotion recipe should be easy to find at your local health food store. The end result should be a super-creamy lotion that creates a protective and moisturizing layer on your skin, perfect for defending against harsher weather.

Makes approximately 2 cups

4 tbsp beeswax pastilles (makes a thick lotion; grated beeswax would make it a little bit thinner. You can control the thickness by adjusting the amount)
8 oz olive oil (or other oil, depending on your skin type – grapeseed oil is a lighter option)
4 tsp coconut oil
8 tbsp water
Essential oils, if desired


Melt beeswax in a double boiler. Add coconut oil when the beeswax is almost entirely melted. I use a glass measuring cup in one of my stainless steel pots. Warm olive oil oil briefly in microwave, just so it’s slightly warm and not cold (cold oil will cause the beeswax to re-harden). Add the olive oil to beeswax and coconut oil, and whisk until everything’s liquified, no longer.

Remove from heat. Use a stick blender and blend while slowly drizzling in the water. Continue mixing for another minute or so. The lotion will be quite hot and runny at this point, but will thicken as it cools. Blend it a bit every now and then as it’s cooling, After it’s cooled, you can add essential oils, if you like; I love this as an unscented lotion for the boys and myself, especially since I work in scent-free schools. Put into jars or bottles. I prefer a wide mouth jar, especially since it’s a firm-ish lotion

If you’ve not made lotion at home before, maybe try a 1/4 batch of the recipe first. There are also some very helpful comments on Sherrie’s blog about using different oils, vegan alternatives to beeswax and storage tips for this lotion recipe.

What are some all-natural body care recipes you make at home?

This recipe originally appeared on twenty-two pleasant. It is re-posted here with permission of the author.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Graham

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