Recipe: Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Kristen Frederickson

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Bright lemon, fresh herbs, briny capers, garlic, pepper and the all-important anchovy create an irresistable flavor combination in Kristen Frederickson’s powerhouse savory rub.

Kristen suggests a lamb shoulder slowly roasted as the ideal vehicle for this flavor-packed rub, but any good roasting cut of richly flavored meat will do nicely.

Paired with some hearty lentils, this dish makes a stellar main couse for a winter night’s dinner party.

(serves at least 6)
Savoury-Rubbed Slow-Braised Shoul­der of Lamb

For the rub: 1 whole lemon, 6 cloves garlic, hand­ful fresh rosemary, hand­ful fresh thyme, hand­ful flat-leaf parsley, 2 tbsps capers, 4 anchovies in oil (drained), plenty of black pepper

1 bone-in lamb shoulder roast, approx. 2.5lbs

1 cup cooked Beluga lentils


Put ALL the rub ingre­di­ents in your food proces­sor — really, the whole lemon, quar­tered — and blitz until a nice smooth paste. Rub the mix­ture all over the shoul­der of lamb, on both sides. Roast in a nice sealed tent of alu­minum foil for at least six hours, at 120C/220F. In the last half hour, drain all the cook­ing liq­uids from the dish, pour in a cup of cooked Bel­uga lentils. Sep­a­rate the fat from the cook­ing liq­uids. Dis­card the fat, then heat the cook­ing liq­uids with a table­spoon of flour whisked in. Per­fect gravy. PERFECT.

When the lamb is fin­ished cook­ing, let it rest for 15 min­utes and then sim­ply tear apart with two forks. The meat will sim­ply FALL off the bone. Serve with the gravy, and stand aside for the avalanche of com­pli­ments and gratitude.

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Photo Credit: Kristen Frederickson

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