Recipe: Vichyssoise

Kristen Frederickson

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One of the all-time classiest summer soups around, Vichyssoise makes for cool lunch or dinner dining. Serve with a crisp green salad and an equally crisp white wine to feel like a total summertime hot shot.


3 tbsps but­ter

2 bunches (about four cups of chopped good white and light green bits) leeks, thoroughly rinsed of sand and dirt.

1 large white onion, cut in eighths

6 medium pota­toes, peeled and cut in bite-size chunks

48 ounces homemade chicken broth (or 1 48-ounce can of quality broth)

Dash white pep­per

1 cup light cream

1 cup skim milk (or two cups really good whole milk and skip the cream)

Chopped chives to garnish


Melt the but­ter in a heavy stock­pot and throw in the leeks, onions and pota­toes. Stir until leeks are translu­cent, then cover in chicken broth and sim­mer for about 45 min­utes until pota­toes are ten­der.

Liq­uidize with a hand blender and mix in cream and milk, then pass through a sieve into another stock­pot into a large bowl.

Refrig­er­ate the soup overnight and then gar­nish with chives to serve. Perfection.

What’s your favorite summer soup?

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