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The Filling Station is located in New York City's Chelsea Market and owned by Laura Nuter and Megan Cariola. Their goal to provide high-quality oils, vinegars, salt, beer and more may not be anything revolutionary or rare in New York City, but these enterprising women distinguish themselves with their refillable container program. Customers are encouraged to bring back clean Filling Station jars and bottles to re-up their supply of pantry staples and receive a 10% discount, thereby rewarding the consumer for consuming less packaging.  Laura says, "We wanted to do something unique that would be fun for the customer and help save the environment at the same time.”

The Filling Station’s local customers are definitely embracing the refill program and come back over and over again. It’s good for business and good for the planet… not words you see in the same sentence often enough.

All of the products at The Filling Station are all natural and contain no additives or artificial flavors. Laura and Megan are also committed to sourcing organic and organically grown products as often as possible.

Their shelves run the gamut from dark chocolate vinegar to ghost pepper salt (the latter being Laura’s favorite item at the moment, “If I could, I would put it on my cereal.”) Don’t let the esoteric options intimidate you, the staff make excellent tour guides and are more than happy to let you sample until you find the right flavor fit. It's also a great place to pick up inspired hostess gifts or party favors… think how many brownie points a tin of bacon sea salt will get you!

Be sure to visit The Filling Station either online or the next time you're in the neighborhood! Pick up a bottle of something tasty and bring it back to reap the rewards of this good thing!