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Linda Pelaccio

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What exactly is an heirloom plant? As explained by Amy Goldman, past chairman and current special advisor to the board of Seed Savers Exchange, an heirloom is “a variety of value that breeds true from seed and can be handed down to the next generation.” Many of these older varieties have been displaced by F1 hybrids for qualities like size, disease resistance, and shelf life, but hybrids will not breed true to the parent plant so new seeds have to be purchased each season. Amy’s mission as a vegetable rights activist is to help organizations like Seed Savers Exchange preserve heirloom varieties and keep seeds in the hands of the farmers and gardeners. In the past 30 years over 1 million seeds have been saved and exchanged through the efforts of Seed Savers.

In addition to being an award-winning gardener Amy is the author of several vegetable books including The Compleat Squash and The Heirloom Tomato.  I spoke with Amy on a recent episode of A Taste of the Past to learn how to grow heirloom varieties and how to save seeds. Take a listen to the second half of our discussion:

You can listen to the episode in its entirety here.

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