Sprouted Flour Pizza Dough

Sarah Pope

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China is credited with developing the method for germinating seeds many centuries ago. On long ocean voyages, Chinese sailors used sprouted mung beans as a source of vitamin C for preventing scurvy. Vitamin C is produced in significant quantities when you sprout seeds and many other nutrients are increased substantially including the B vitamins and carotene.

Probably the best aspect about sprouting is that it renders the grain significantly more digestible as well as nourishing.

Phytic acid and complex carbohydrate molecules which cause intestinal gas are broken down. Sprouting also inactivates aflatoxins which are carcinogens found in grains.

You have 3 options for obtaining sprouted flour in your home when you are ready to give it a go:

I would suggest that pizza crust be your first dish to try with sprouted flour.   It is easy and fun to work the dough with your hands and something the kids can get involved with when you make pizza for dinner.

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