Starting Over

Andrea Fabry

Andrea Fabry › Andrea is a former journalist, a radio host, and the mother of nine children. She is ...


In October 2008, when our family of 11 made the connection between our home’s toxic mold and our rapidly declining health, we fled and left everything. We relocated to Arizona and hoped to recover. Soon, we hoped, our lives would return to “normal.” Part of our “normal” was fast food, boxed macaroni and cheese, Lunchables and Cool Whip.

Our health did not improve. In fact, as the mycotoxins slowly left our bodies, symptoms escalated. Our food sensitivities and allergies intensified. Toxin binding drugs helped, but our SAD (Standard American Diet) was clearly holding us back. I began to research nutritional options while continuing various treatments such as Energy medicine and acupuncture. While the treatment helped spur the detoxification process, the expenses were too much for our ailing bank account. Losing our home, our possessions, and our health had taken its toll.

When I read Hippocrate’s quote, “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food,” I knew I had found our treatment.

Twelve months after vacating our home we embarked on a journey to recover our health with real, organic food. We haven’t looked back. Eliminating processed foods and sugar has not been easy. Teaching kids that there is life beyond McFlurries and Mountain Dew is even harder. But desperation dictated our decision.

We’re not healed. We encounter daily reminders that our bodies are in a battle. But our progress is undeniable. Our son with type 1 diabetes uses 70% less insulin. Our children, once unable to read because of extreme vertigo and dizziness, are thriving in school. Maybe we’ll live with these scars for years, but I have no doubt we will reap the benefits of organic, whole foods for a lifetime.

THE WRITER: Andrea is a former journalist, a radio host, and the mother of nine children. She is also the founder of momsAWARE, an organization designed to raise awareness about environmental issues. You can read more of her writing at her blog Our Health Journey.

Have you used real food as a means to recover from a serious health crisis?