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Raven and Boar has been going strong since 2009. Our friends Ruby and Sather Duke live on this rather curiously named farm in East Chatham, New York. We’ve visited their farm on more than one occasion. We’ve eaten lunch at their table. We’ve seen how they run their farm and raise their animals. We heartily support their fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter.

They are raising money to start up ‘Hudson Valley Charcuterie’. Their aim is to build a kitchen to produce small batch artisanal products on their farm, from their own pigs.

This is how Ruby and Sather describe their goals for their Kickstarter campaign:

For five years, our family has been raising heritage whey-fed pigs in the Hudson Valley, providing fresh meat, eggs and produce to restaurants and farmers’ markets. In addition to raising animals and produce, our goal is to build a harvest kitchen on the farm.

We have been working, planning and saving for the last two years with plans to build this kitchen. Now we need a little help with the final push.

The kitchen will facilitate our own need to produce custom artisanal Raven & Boar value-added products. We plan to produce our own line of charcuterie exclusively from our own pigs raised here on the farm.

Raven & Boar is a small family farm where each small herd of pigs are raised on their open pasture and wooded hills. These two farmers also raise chickens, ducks, the occasional rabbit and a ton of vegetables. All delicious. All lovingly tended.

Their goal is to build a harvest kitchen to produce a line of charcuterie exclusively from pigs raised on their farm.

In addition to keeping the farm at its peak, Ruby and Sather are also the principles of hivemindesign. They’ve been designing and manufacturing furniture, and building out interiors since 2000. Yeah, you could say they are a couple of busy, talented individuals.

HandPicked Nation believes in Raven & Boar and we believe their Kickstarter campaign is worthy of support. Check out their very informative campaign and see if you agree. If you do, contribute what you can.

Can you spare a few dollars to help these real food producers?

Photo credit: Craig McCord