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Revive your vacation routine – visit a sustainable farm!

“Fundamentally, sustainable development is a notion of discipline. It means humanity must ensure that meeting present needs does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.“ – Gro Harlem Brundtland

“Visiting a farm and even working on one is an amazing experience for people living in urban areas, since they became so disconnected from Nature. They became ‘people whose umbilical cords are tied to the supermarket.’” – Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms

It’s an amazing experience for the whole family; learning about the cycle of life, how real food is being grown, cooked and preserved, how to eat in season and how to respect Nature are vital lessons that have been transmitted for generations. These lessons play a crucial role in keeping your and your family’s good health. The supermarket “successfully” contributes to ruining your health.

You will have the opportunity to savor the amazing flavor and quality of the clean, local, fresh, and healthy food, so close Nature, maybe wrapped up in a traditional, delicious menu. You won’t have to “worry” about ingredients and their safety, and how many thousands of miles your food traveled. It will be about REAL FOOD. REAL PEOPLE. REAL EXPERIENCE. This can all provide you a very specific and true sense of awareness and happiness.

How to shedule your visit on a farm?

FarmStayU.S.  is an exceptional source to find sustainable farms and ranches all over US, that can offer you the “fresh” and active vacation of your dreams. The farms listed here offer special vacation opportunities, with or without meals and farm specific activities.  Here is how the founders describe this unique experience:

Some farms offer classes in cheese making, spinning, gardening, cooking, even animal photography!  Many are unstructured and expect you will feel the rythmn of the farm best if you watch and listen.In terms of lodging, some farm stays offer rooms right in the farm house.  Others have converted old farm buildings, like silos and chicken houses, into wonderfully eclectic rooms.  You might find yourself camping in a tent in the trees or at a campsite you choose for yourself down by the creek.

It really is worth trying! To find out what people are saying about such special vacations they had, check out Leaping Lamb Farm, Liberty Hill Farm, Montana Working Ranches, Cold Moon Farm and Armstrong Farms.

EatWild and Local Harvest are great resources to find sustainable, organic farms close to your area, that offer the highest quality of real food. Nothing like the toxin-laden frankenfood you would find in supermarkets! You can establish a connection with farms that sell at your local farmer’s market and/or health food store and that would be ideal, since this way you can take a trip to these very farms and actually see how your food is grown and where it’s coming from. Plus, you will have the opportunity to buy lots of fresh, organic food directly from the source, also paying less than at the stores and farmer’s markets.

For people that are looking for an alternative, different type of boot camp, this might be it! I believe going to work for a season on a farm, as an intern or just to get away from the white office walls and grey asphalt, is even a better experience than a “boot camp”. Whatever your worries are, your health and emotional problems, that you are trying to sort out, I believe some good physical work so close to Nature can be healing and liberating.  The hard work on a farm can really toughen somebody up, while offering an amazing life experience and knowledge. Many of the farms and ranches listed on FarmStayU.S. offer this type of opportunities. They mention specific seasons and types of work that can be done.

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Have you ever gone on a working vacation at a farm? Tell us about your experience!

Photo Credit: Tomiko Peirano