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Charlotte Smith of Champoeg Creamery in St. Paul, Oregon explains how beneficial raw milk is for many people.

Charlotte Smith: Champoeg Creamery
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The Nelson family in Altura, Minnesota, are organic dairy farmers and one of Food Mythbusters' Food Heroes.

Organic Dairy Farmers: The Nelson Family
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Faith Schlabach discusses the A1/A2 genetic mutation in milk, a relatively new issue that's gaining some attention.

What is A1 Versus A2 Milk?
Farm & Garden

Dairy farmer Faith Schlabach discusses the importance of raw milk and understanding where your milk comes from.

What’s to Love About Raw Milk?
Food & Drink

Raluca Schachter delves into the complicated relationship between recalls and raw milk, and why it may or may not deserve all the scrutiny.

Camping with Cows, Part 3
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Ever wondered about making your own kefir at home? Andrea Fabry tells you how!

How to Make Kefir
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Get some culture! Andrea Fabry breaks down the perks of consuming probiotic-laden kefir.

The Health Benefits of Kefir
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Think your raw milk is done? Don't throw it out! Sarah Pope has some great advice on what to do with soured raw milk.

101 Uses for Soured Raw Milk
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Raluca Schachter gives us raw dairy envy with her description of a Romanian farmers market.

Raw Milk in Romania
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Made with milk from grass-fed cows with a deep golden color and a perfectly sweet, creamy taste.

Kriemhild Meadow Butter
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