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Co-owner James Lum talks about his Virginia butcher shop, JM Stock Provisions & Supply.

James Lum: JM Stock Provisions & Supply
Food & Drink

Ashley Browning is a grass farmer who is enamored with the significant power of grass.

The Disturbing Life of A Grass Farmer.
Farm & Garden

Craig Haney manages animals with respect at upstate New York's Stone Barns.

Vintage HandPicked: With Respect to Animals
Farm & Garden

Heritage Foods is saving heritage breeds by buying them from family farmers.

Heritage Foods Buys From Family Farms
Farm & Garden

Kara Suzanne explains how using raw milk to produce whey results in a versatile ingredient.

The Wonders of Whey, Cream Cheese and Cultured Cream
Food & Drink

Staci Strauss thinks the benefits of raw milk are completely worth the effort.

Vintage Handpicked: The Benefits of Raw Milk
Health & Home

Joshua Applestone explains how easy it is to cook the perfect steak. Every time.

Joshua Applestone: How to Cook the Perfect Steak
Food & Drink

Jamie Huizenga tells the story of the birth of a calf on her family's Colorado homestead.

faline-the-calf first-day-huizenga
Faline the Calf’s First Day
Farm & Garden

Faith Schlabach shares her take on the popular food documentary 'Forks Over Knives'.

Forks Over Knives – a Second Opinion
Health & Home

Dairy farmer Faith Schlabach discusses the importance of raw milk and understanding where your milk comes from.

What’s to Love About Raw Milk?
Food & Drink

Stanley Fishman looks at the various traditional ways to cook grassfed meats during the cold winter months.

Cold Weather Cooking for Grassfed Meats
Food & Drink

Andrea Fabry questions the safety of feeding cows a mix of sweets, instead of high-cost sweet corn.

Candied Cows
Farm & Garden

With a big grilling holiday coming up, Andrea DiMauro reminds us to keep the source and quality of our meats in mind.

Choose Pastured Meats
Food & Drink

Blueberries and bison meat have a long history together, and make perfect partners in a grassfed hamburger. Sarah Pope and Stanley Fishman tell us more.

Blueberries… and Bison?
Food & Drink

Stanley Fishman knows a thing or two about the right way to grill grassfed meat. He shares some of his essential tips with us.

Top 10 Grilling Essentials
Food & Drink

With barbecue season upon us, now's the perfect time to give grassfed beef a try (if you haven't already)!

Tender Grassfed Barbecue
Food & Drink

Stanley Fishman advises on the misconceptions, health benefits and cooking techniques of grassfed barbecue.

Enjoying Grassfed Barbecue
Food & Drink

Think your raw milk is done? Don't throw it out! Sarah Pope has some great advice on what to do with soured raw milk.

101 Uses for Soured Raw Milk
Food & Drink
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