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Charlotte Smith of Champoeg Creamery in St. Paul, Oregon explains how beneficial raw milk is for many people.

Charlotte Smith: Champoeg Creamery
Farm & Garden

Raw milk should be legal and available to any consumer who wishes to purchase it.

Raw Milk Freedom Action Day
Politics & Petitions

Staci Strauss' food memories reminds us that sometimes home cooking tastes best.

anniversary-sally-meal-red copy
Food Memories: Chicken-Fried Steak and the Lone Star State
Food & Drink

Kara Suzanne explains how using raw milk to produce whey results in a versatile ingredient.

The Wonders of Whey, Cream Cheese and Cultured Cream
Food & Drink

Staci Strauss thinks the benefits of raw milk are completely worth the effort.

Vintage Handpicked: The Benefits of Raw Milk
Health & Home

Jamie Huizenga discusses the balance between small raw dairy operations and the cost-benefit of plastic containers.

The Pros and Cons of Raw Milk in Plastic Jugs
Health & Home

Sarah Pope shows you how to make your own raw butter from grassfed cream.

How To: Making Your Own Raw Butter
Food & Drink

Faith Schlabach discusses the A1/A2 genetic mutation in milk, a relatively new issue that's gaining some attention.

What is A1 Versus A2 Milk?
Farm & Garden

Jamie Huizenga explains her decision to leave city life behind for the chance to be her own raw milk supplier.

I Left Civilization for Raw Milk
Farm & Garden

Dairy farmer Faith Schlabach discusses the importance of raw milk and understanding where your milk comes from.

What’s to Love About Raw Milk?
Food & Drink

A Minnesota jury finds a raw milk farmer not guilty -- because he wasn't.

A Victory for Raw Milk
Politics & Petitions

Sarah Pope (the Healthy Home Economist) looks into the rise of milk allergies and shares some recipes for making your own milk replacements.

Got Milk Allergies?
Food & Drink

Want the right to drink raw milk legally? There's a new petition headed to the White House that's hoping to secure just that.

Raw Milk & The White House
Politics & Petitions

Raluca Schachter delves into the complicated relationship between recalls and raw milk, and why it may or may not deserve all the scrutiny.

Camping with Cows, Part 3
Farm & Garden

Raluca Schachter explores the relationship between consuming raw milk and a decrease in common, but serious, health ailments.

Camping with Cows, Part 2
Farm & Garden

Raluca Schachter went camping with the cows and enjoyed delicious raw milk at Organic Pastures in California.

Camping with Cows, Part 1
Farm & Garden

Think your raw milk is done? Don't throw it out! Sarah Pope has some great advice on what to do with soured raw milk.

101 Uses for Soured Raw Milk
Food & Drink

Raluca Schachter gives us raw dairy envy with her description of a Romanian farmers market.

Raw Milk in Romania
Food & Drink
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