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Known for quality outdoor gear, Patagonia is now selling quality food, including salmon.

Patagonia and Salmon
Food & Drink

In southern Missouri, Providence Farm is showing how to be a sustainable family farm.

Wes Hunter–Providence Farm, Part Two
Farm & Garden

Wes Hunter talks about being an 'intentional' farmer in the Missouri Ozarks.

Wes Hunter–Providence Farm, Part One
Farm & Garden

A food trip to Santa Fe proves just the thing for learning about the local cuisine.

Santa Fe Food Trip
Food & Drink

Slow Films captures a video of Dan Barber in the early days of Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Video Rewind: Dan Barber of Blue Hill
Farm & Garden

Chef Dan Barber proves with his new book he's as good a writer as he is a chef.

Chef Dan Barber: The Third Plate (Podcast)
Farm & Garden

Something fishy, in a good way–a beautiful slideshow straight from the pristine waters of Petersburg, Alaska.

Vintage HandPicked: Something Fishy
Food & Drink

Staci Strauss waxes philosophically about her field trip to Smithfield Farm.

Field Trip: Smith Meadows Meats at Smithfield Farm
Farm & Garden

The self-proclaimed lunatic farmer, Joel Salatin, digs deep in his winter essay for Mother Earth News.

Joel Salatin on Healing the Earth
Farm & Garden

A green roof is a rooftop with a thin layer of vegetation. Rustik Magazine explains how being green is easier than you think.

Green roofs: cool on so many levels
Green Roofs: Cool On So Many Levels
Farm & Garden

Joseph Stiglitz says our crazy food policy is bad policy.

Joseph Stiglitz Talks Our Crazy Food Policy
Politics & Petitions

Richard Belanger understands very well the relationship between man and the land.

Harmony Farm–Richard Belanger
Farm & Garden

Food Cowboy is harnessing technology to identify and distribute good, edible food that otherwise will be wasted.

Food Cowboy Tackles Food Waste
Politics & Petitions

Joel Salatin talks about what we as individuals can do to make the food system better.

Joel Salatin on Local Food: It Starts with Each of Us
Politics & Petitions

Joel Salatin's attempt to bring real food to his neighbors creates chaos for one neighbor.

Vintage HandPicked: Joel Salatin’s Tyrant Neighbor
Politics & Petitions

Linda Pelaccio talks with Jack Kittredge about preserving food and the modern root cellar in this episode of A Taste of the Past.

Vintage HandPicked: Preserving Past and Present
Food & Drink

Robyn Jasko speaks with Mary Seton Corboy of Greensgrow, in Philadelphia, about the value of urban farming.

Greensgrow: Transforming a City Through Homegrown Food
Farm & Garden

The Farmer's Market in Woodstock, New York Rocks!

Vintage HandPicked: Woodstock Farm Festival
Food & Drink
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