The Edible Schoolyard Project

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OK, let's see a show of hands. How many people can get behind a program that has the mission to transform the health and values of every student by building and sharing a food curriculum for a whole school? Counting the hands. . . everybody! Very good.

Well, the program is Alice Waters' The Edible Schoolyard Project. A great idea and, boy, has it ever taken off! Other 'Edibles' can now be found in New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Greensboro, North Carolina and Brooklyn, with many variations of this theme beginning to dot the map.

What better way to teach kids about good food than to teach them how to grow it for themselves? (There are actual stories going around about kids pushing their way into the front of the line to get at the luscious carrots they help grow.)

Straw hats off to Ms. Waters and her crew for bringing all this to fruition.

Edible Schoolyard describes their idea like this:

"The Edible Schoolyard, established in 1995, is a one-acre garden and kitchen classroom at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California. The garden started as a cover crop in a vacant lot with once-monthly student participation. More than a decade later, it is a thriving acre of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. Now, they have a small network of Edible Schoolyard affiliate programs in cities across the country."

It's never been more important to teach our kids the values represented by good, fresh food. Kids learn by doing and learning how to plant, cultivate and harvest a garden is a profound life lesson. Let's give Alice Waters and her Edible Schoolyard program an A+ for this very worthy effort. Thanks to Katie Standke for allowing us to use her beautiful image.

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