The Going Green Store, an Eco-Oasis in Ohio

Elizabeth Thompson

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When I lived in New York City I would tell people I was from Ohio and they would look down their noses and say, “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

Ohio was not hip. It was not cool. It was definitely not cutting edge. Even at the age of seven I picked up that leaving the Bay Area to live in Ohio was a big compromise. Shortly after the move my mother burst into tears in the grocery store parking lot because, “they only have one kind of rice here!” That was 40 years ago and, let me tell you, times have changed!!

I grew up in the small town of Granville, just 30 miles east of Columbus. On a recent trip home, my parents took us to some great restaurants, I met a friend at a very cool coffee shop, we went to galleries and I checked out the local foods scene. I was impressed. Granville is hip. It is cool. And, as it turns out, it is also cutting edge thanks to Mike Bauer and Teresa Peters,
owners of The Going Green Store.

The Going Green Store is not simply a whole foods store, it is a resource center with a truly holistic approach.

What these folks are doing is very cool. For instance, their “50 Mile Food + Friends” section, where food grown or produced within 50 miles of the county by people they know is offered – so customers can feel good about where their food comes from. They sell produce grown using organic practices and grass-fed meats that are from farms that don’t use hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. Nothing in their store contains high-fructose corn syrup, GMOs, or hydrogenated oils. For someone with food-sensitivities (me) this lovely little store is full of comfort food!! They have hormone-free, non-homogenized, and lightly-pasteurized dairy products (in glass bottles!), non-irradiated herbs, and lots of specialty foods by local food artisans such as infused olive oils, locally sourced preserves, raw honeys, chocolates, salsas, or teas.

I bought a TURDUCKEN – a dozen heirloom variety eggs, four each of turkey, duck and chicken. They were beautiful to look at and my family loved taste-testing them. Kate got an organic cotton t-shirt with “There is no Planet B” printed in soy-based inks. I perused their list of upcoming classes and wished I could be there to take some of them.

The Going Green Store is not simply a whole foods store, it is a resource center with a truly holistic approach. At the Going Green Store and through their website, the community may shop retail or wholesale, get a consultation on how to “green-up” at business and at home, attend classes in gardening, cooking, recycling, composting, healing herbs, etc. and, periodically, anyone can recycle batteries and e-waste (14.5 tons in a weekend!)

Teaching by example, The Going Green Store is walking the walk and inviting the community, one member at a time, to join them. I hope this way of doing business will spread like kudzu.

Do you have an eco-oasis like The Going Green Store by you? Tell us about it in the comments!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Thompson