The Good Fight

Craig McCord

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Food Democracy Now! The name says it all. They even have an exclamation point in their name lest somebody misses ahem, the point. Food Democracy Now! is a true grassroots community that is working toward what we all need — a sustainable food system, one that protects the natural environment, one that sustains farmers and provides fresh, healthy food for families. With corporate CAFOs doing business as usual, subsidized monocrops marching merrily along and Frankenfood becoming more prevalent, we need Food Democracy Now! to stand at the barricades and scream 'we're mad as hell!" And they are doing just that.

A quick run down of the Food Democracy players goes like this:
David Murphy — founder, board member of Iowa Organic Association
Lisa Stokke — co-founder, named a "Woman Making a Difference" by Shape magazine
Paul Willis — hog farmer, manager of Niman Ranch Pork Company
Aaron Woolf — director of King Corn, proprietor of Urban Rustic, a grocery store in Brooklyn

So, it's pretty clear these people know of which they speak and how to get things organized. Currently, they are involved in the 'Farmers vs. Monsanto' court case and opposing the Obama administration's 'Traceability for Livestock' program, among other campaigns. These people don't take no mess. Good for them.

We believe Food Democracy Now! is an organization that real food folks need to support. They're fighting the good fight against profits over people, air and water pollution, workers' rights and climate change all of which is leading us to a very definite unsustainable future.

You can check out their site to see what you can do to help.

What do you think about Food Democracy Now!?