The Good News of Food

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Brie Aronson wants to share the good news of food with others. She has been doing that for some time now, but she’s about to step up her game.

We met Brie the first time we visited Polyface Farm. We were there in late March to capture some footage of the farm to help shape the story we were doing about the leader of the farm, Joel Salatin. It was more than chilly and less than cold that day and there was Brie, on her hands and knees, putting in the garden by the main house. She was in a muddy patch and loving every minute of it.

We could tell immediately that Ms. Aronson was our kind of people–a person very much into producing real food in a real way.

She graciously allowed us to photograph her that day and now we would like to return the favor.

I have been saving and saving, but the reality is I am going to need some help.

Brie has recently put up a crowdfunding campaign she calling Operation Ireland: Ballymaloe of Bust. She’s looking for donations to send her to cooking school.

Here’s how she describes her effort:

I want to share the good news of food with others, and I believe my next step towards doing that is attending the Ballymaloe Cookery School. This school is located on an organic farm in Ireland where many of the ingredients the students use are procured from their own land.

I have been saving and saving, but the reality is….I am going to need some help.

Would you take a moment to watch the video? It’s my heart. To donate? You’d change my life. To share with people on Facebook or through email? I’d be forever grateful!

(P.S., you are cordially invited to follow the journey of this donation campaign over at my blog, Operation Ireland: Ballymaloe or Bust! I think it’s going to be quite the ride.)

Thank you for your kindness! I look forward to hearing from you.

Clearly, this is a heartfelt plea. We can assure our readers that whatever you can give to this very worthy effort will go toward Brie Aronson becoming a wonderful chef. It is within Brie to become a really special person in the kitchen, but like most of us she just needs a little help.

So, let’s click on her campaign, watch her video and consider helping Brie to realize her dream.

Photo credit: Shrader Thomas