The Meadow

Tomiko Peirano

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Salt has, sadly, become a mass-produced chemical and the villain in the conversation about today's health woes – most folks either over-use or avoid it entirely. Thankfully, Mark and Jennifer Bitterman have made it their duty to refocus people's perception of salt and introduce them to the stunning array of natural fleur de sel, flaked salt and sel gris from around the world.

The Meadow is the lovely evidence of that mission.

The two locations of The Meadow (in Portland, Oregon, and New York City) have an almost apothecary-like aesthetic that quiets you the second you walk in. Mark says they wanted to give each of their wares "enough space" to be properly represented and to draw customers' full attention. The rough-hewn wood shelves are filled with jars of multi-colored salts sourced from practically every part of the world. And don't miss the stacks of Himalayan salt blocks in tableware grade (for plating) and cookware grade (for cooking).

But salt isn't the only star at The Meadow. The center table is covered with a colorful riot of fresh-cut flowers and there is a handsome selection of chocolates, bitters and syrups – all carefully selected by Mark and Jennifer. You can also pick up salt cellars, fine pepper, pepper mills and wine (although wine is only available for sale in their Portland location).

The Meadow provides all the "elemental ingredients" you need to have a feast for the senses and offers a welcome re-introduction to the world of salt.

If you're ever in the neighborhood of either location, be sure to stop by. You can also shop online at their website:

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