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There sure is a lot of buzz these days about raw milk. In most states, it's illegal to buy or sell it. I became interested in the subject when I participated in a milk tasting at my friend, Zak Pelaccio's farm. Zak will tell you, flavor is first, and with raw milk, the flavor wins hands down over conventional milk every time. My first taste was sublime – it was rich, it was grassy, it was so good! Then I started to obsess over it, as I am inclined to do over many real food issues. Is it safe? Is it healthy? I've never been an milk drinker as an adult, aside from my morning coffee, why start now?

I'll tell you why, and this is purely anecdotal. First, my disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a scientist. I make no claims other than I am a lifelong lover of all things food and I devote a substantial part of my time and money to that end. After the milk tasting, on my way home to Woodstock, I stopped at the little farm where Zak got the raw milk and got some to take home. I drank a small glass each day over a period of a couple of months. And guess what? My hot flashes disappeared! I began sleeping through the night for the first time since entering my forties. My energy level soared, most likely because I stopped waking nightly in a pool of sweat. Great result, but still what about those nagging worries over safety? 

Here's what the Dr. Weston A. Price Foundation has to say:

"Although raw milk, like any food, can become contaminated and cause illness, the dangers of raw milk are greatly exaggerated. In an analysis of reports on 70 outbreaks attributed to raw milk, we found many examples of reporting bias, errors and poor analysis resulting in most outbreaks having either no valid positive milk sample or no valid statistical association."

In addition to tons of information about the benefits of raw milk, the Dr. Weston A. Price Foundation provides a plethora of real food research and benefits. They also provide legal counseling for farmers. They even have a real milk campaign! Whenever I want an alternative viewpoint on real food matters, I check in with Dr. Price. And I'm still drinking raw milk whenever I have it in the fridge, and I haven't keeled over.

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