To Cleanse or Not To Cleanse

Jody Grimm

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Newsflash: Most women are dieting (the average woman spends 31 YEARS dieting) and most women are not getting the results they want (most dieters gain 2/3 of the weight back within one year of finishing the plan).

What’s really going on here? How do most of us end up with a completely dysfunctional relationship between our body, our mind, and our food? Why do we try over and over again to change the way we eat, to “cleanse” our bodies, only to end up frustrated, confused, and right back where we started?

Don’t be discouraged. Our lack of willpower is not necessarily to blame! Most structured cleanses actually set you up to fail for three main reasons.

  1. With most cleanses, you are flying solo. You buy yourself “the” book, the one all your friends have been raving about and commit to following the plan. After the first few days of hell are over, you’ve lost some water weight but are otherwise feeling defeated and alone. You end up bouncing back to your starting weight.
  2. With most cleanses you’re instructed to use powders, supplements, or juices as meal replacements. You’re excited at first to try these new concoctions but after a day or two you end up hungry and unsatisfied. That’s when the chips and chocolate start screaming your name.
  3. Most cleanses aren’t designed for you but for some hypothetical ideal. The assumption is that all bodies, all lifestyles are the same. The assumption is that you have endless amounts of time and money, and also that your body will react exactly as planned.

And so, are all diets doomed for failure? Is cleansing a complete waste of time?

Far from it!

A change in diet or a well-structured cleanse has the potential to transform your life for good. Keep an eye out for plans that will offer you support, empower you with knowledge on whole foods, and give you guidelines designed for your unique body and lifestyle.

Through our new venture, Detox The Dorm, my business partner Ashley and I have created a cleanse program based on those exact principles. Although specifically targeted at students who lack time, money and confidence, our first 7-day Hot Body Cleanse is available to women of all ages who are sick of feeling deprived, ready to be held accountable, and open to making real change!

Our first cleanse starts January 28 and we’re hosting a free call-in seminar this Sunday night, January 20, at 7pm.

To register, visit and come say hello on Facebook!

What has been the most successful change you’ve made to your diet to improve your overall health?

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