Two Angry Moms

Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson › Elizabeth Thompson is a writer and photographer. She lives in Alaska with her husband and their ...


Are you distressed at the lack of consciousness in your school cafeteria? Do you see the french fries and the chicken nuggets, the now famous "pink-slime" burgers, and hear the statistics roaring in your head?

Me too!

Now, here is the good news: We have two angry moms on our side!

Amy Kalafa and Susan P. Rubin were told that it would take 2 million angry moms to change the way we feed our kids in Americaʼs public schools. They decided they would be numbers one and two, then began the unpleasant work of being persistent, of asking tough questions, of speaking out. Along the way they created a tool kit to help other angry parents work to make the change.

Part exposé, part "how-to," the movie Two Angry Moms explores the ways Federal Government, corporate interests, school administrations, and parents effect school lunch programs. Inspiring success stories map out strategies for change from poor nutritional choices to wholesome foods that connect the cafeteria to the classroom, the garden to the table, the kids to ownership over their own health.

A top finalist for the 2012 Books for A Better Life Wellness Award, Lunch Wars: How to Start a Food Revolution and Win the Battle for Our Childrenʼs Health, is the battlefield manual for making a change. With this book Amy Kalafa arms parents with the detailed information and proven strategies they need to turn anger into positive action.

To join this movement go to Host a screening of the moviebuy the book, gather the angry moms in your school district and start your revolution now.

As Amy Kalafa says, “The school food revolution will be won by fighting this battle school district by school district, so keep at it and donʼt give up!”

THE WRITER: Elizabeth Thompson is a writer and photographer. She lives in Alaska with her husband and their daughter. They spend summers tendering and eating wild salmon on board the St. Lazaria.