Understanding Your Local Foodshed

Susie Sutphin

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Is the concept of the foodshed new to you? It may not be a common term, but the foodshed is an incredibly important element to understanding your food security and is instrumental in creating beneficial relationships between food-rich and food-poor neighboring areas.

Susie Sutphin recently created a map of the foodshed for her local area around Tahoe and gives a terrific overview of the whole concept:

Last week,the Tahoe Food Hub tabled at its first event giving deadline for our first banner, stickers and promo materials including the lovely foodshed map featured above.

The drawing is definitely Richard Scarry inspired. In fact, some of the buildings are actual structures found in the books. Like many, Richard Scarry drawings captured my attention for hours as a kid teaching me about how the world works and interacts. And when looking for the best way to help conceptualize the Tahoe Foodshed, I knew exactly where to turn.

A foodshed is often compared to a watershed because they usually share the same footprint….food grows where water flows! A watershed represents where a community gets its water. Likewise, a foodshed represents the local area where a community sources its food.  In the map, you’ll see how the Truckee and Yuba Rivers lead Tahoe to its regional food sources. Key components of a foodshed include productive farmland, food distribution, waste disposal, processing facilities as well as food wholesalers and retailers. For non-food producing areas like North Lake Tahoe, a foodshed creates partnerships with food abundant neighbors who grow food year-round within 150-miles.

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Do you understand what and where your local foodshed is?

Image Credit: Jana Vanderhaar & Verdant Connections