Victory Garden of Tomorrow

Tomiko Peirano

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Taking a cue from WWII-era victory gardens and propaganda art work, The Victory Garden of Tomorrow turns out gorgeous posters, prints and t-shirts with great messages.

Owner Joe Wirthheim made it his mission to promote and propel the growing (har har) popularity of gardening, raising backyard livestock, canning and more. He says:

… better food, better gardens, better cities. It is artful advocacy for the modern homefront.

In terms of conceptual design, The Victory Garden of Tomorrow is an exercise in blending WPA-era eat-your-peas propaganda with the awe-inspiring 1939 World's Fair (motto: "The World of Tomorrow") and its big-vision, world reshaping ambition. I believe the spirit and skills of that old generation lay within us today. We simply need to re-deploy ourselves if we are to shape our uncertain destiny.

(from The Victory Garden of Tomorrow etsy shop)

I've been a big fan of Joe's work for a while now. I've given his charming printed floursack towels as hostess gifts and have been eyeing (obsessing over? stalking?) some of the prints and posters to trick out my home office. Who knew compost could be so good-looking?

Joe is as mindful of his goods' messaging as he is their production and takes extra measures to work with small, local print shops and use quality, organic materials.

When I decided to do a shop, I knew that I wanted to be like other businesses that I respected; I strive for high quality, environmentally friendly processes, and a commitment to dignity and respect for everyone I work with, from customers to interns. For me, that's how it has to be.

Whether you're a fan of real food messages or simple, gorgeous graphics, there's definitely something at The Victory Garden of Tomorrow for you. (Psst, there are even Cub Scout-style badges for sale!)

Photo Credit: Next Door Laura