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In the beautiful Battenkill River Valley in New York, Karen Weinberg oversees her 3-Corner Field Farm where she calls herself the ‘shepherdess’ of the farm.

Along with her husband Paul Borghard, Karen raises lamb and sheep with the animals’ quality of life as the highest priority. Their animals live outdoors, eating grass on lush pastures of clover and alfalfa, and when she’s not moving sheep or building fence (when is that, exactly?), she’s making delicious French-style sheep’s milk cheeses.

Karen Weinberg is a busy lady.

In New York on Saturdays at the Union Square Greenmarket people crowd her popular stand to buy her succulent lamb and her sheep’s milk cheeses. Smart shoppers have learned to be there early to avoid disappointment. Her aged products include Shushan Snow (their version of Camembert), a sheep’s milk Feta, Frère Fumant and their Battenkill Brebis.

Fans of 3-Corner Field Farm lamb look forward to their rack of lamb, lamb shoulder and their extraordinary leg of lamb. There are folks who swear by their ground lamb and lamb sausage. They even offer custom cut whole lambs (which must be ordered in advance).

Correction: Karen Weinberg is a very busy lady.

The Battenkill River Valley is a beautiful, lush region and of all the well-laid-out farms in the area, 3-Corner Field Farm stands at the top. Their attention to detail is obvious. The way they treat their animals, the way they maintain their pastures, and even the way Karen arranges her tabletop at the markets point to how much care goes into 3-Corner Field Farm.

Here’s what they say on their website:

Our sheep are raised with care and respect on beautiful, organically managed pastures, and never given hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They are raised the old-fashioned way: outdoors, on pasture, eating natural grass, clover, and alfalfa.

The result: tastier and more wholesome food for you, a better life for our sheep, and a healthier environment for all of us.

This is exactly what 3-Corner Field Farm believes and exactly what they practice every day.

What’s your favorite lamb recipe or sheep’s milk cheese?

Photo Credit: Slow Films