A Pig’s Tale

Tomiko Peirano

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As of April 1st, 2012, the Invasive Species Order (ISO) went into effect in Michigan.

With the support of the Michigan Pork Producers Association, Michigan state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has not only given free range to hunters to kill feral swine in the wild on sight, but has also begun the systematic slaughter of privately owned pigs who fall under the terms defined in the DNR’s ISO outline.

Essentially meaning no matter if the pigs are securely enclosed on private pastures or hunting preserves, are tended to with careful human supervision, or raised and sold as a means to support an entire family… if this little piggie’s ears or tail look a certain way, it’s a wild, disease-ridden creature that must be destroyed.

The Michigan DNR denies any wrong-doing, but the actions reported by farmers point to the contrary.*

Filmmaker Kyle Miron recently released a second video (above) documenting the on-going battle between family-owned pig farms (most notably Bakers Green Acres) and the state. He says:

Allegedly backed by the corporate pork industry, the DNR has begun issuing raids on family farms; forcing farmers to execute entire herds of healthy pigs.

This update conveys the bigger picture regarding the true intention of those in charge of corporate agriculture. The Michigan Pork Producers Association fully supports this massacre of hundreds of heritage hogs due to their fear of America realizing that organic products are the building blocks to a healthy and prosperous life.

The Baker Family is leading this fight against this tyrannic and unconstitutional order issued by the Michigan DNR. Please support them as this war against family farms continues.

As Mark Baker states, “Tyranny loves to limit food, because if they can control the food, they can control the people.”

Let’s take back our choice in the matter.

Visit the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund for more updates or the Bakers Green Acres website to donate to the Baker’s cause.

THE FILMMAKER: After trekking the globe on photojournalism assignments and establishing himself as one of the elite wedding/commercial photographers in the Midwest; Kyle Miron knows this: If there is one quality a successful photographer must have it is the ability to listen. He is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Photo Credit: Kyle Miron

*This article was updated to include the link to the Michigan DNR statement.