A Very Raspberry Tart

Craig McCord

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Is there anything better than a delicious, fresh raspberry tart?

This short film was produced by tiger in a jar. Yes, they spell their name all lowercase. No, we don’t really know what their name means. Does it matter? All of our HandPicked Nation friends should know by now we are huge fans of tiger in a jar. They are some of the best practioners of the ‘less is more’ school of storytelling we’ve seen. Their how-to recipe videos (and that’s not all they do) make you want to get up and make the damn recipe! Their work is that compelling.

They’ve done some great work with The Cook’s Atelier in Beaune, France. TCA celebrates the connection between the farmer and the cook. Marjorie Taylor is the cook there. She is a long-time member of Chefs Collaborative and Slow Food and is inspired by farmers’ markets, small artisan food producers and the philosophy pioneered by Alice Waters. She is a big believer in real food, made from scratch and takes pleasure in cooking every day. Prior to moving to France, she was the co-chef and proprietor of the award winning neighborhood restaurant and cooking school, Ruby Beet Gourmet, in Phoenix, Arizona and studied at La Varenne under noted teacher and cookbook author, Anne Willan.

There’s is nothing more refreshing and satisfying than a raspberry tart.

It’s not berry season yet (at least not here in the Hudson Valley), but this video makes us wish it would get here soon. We’re going to start practicing this recipe because the technique is so simple and direct. There’s nothing more refreshing and satisfying than a raspberry tart after a cooling summer meal with friends, family or both.

This video is posted here with permission of the filmmakers.

THE FILMMAKERS: tiger in a jar by name has only been around for a little while, but Matt and Julie have been creating for years. They started running TIAJ full time at the beginning of 2011. They document life through film and pictures, and enjoy spending time in the kitchen obsessing over food. (from tigerinajar.com)

What’s your favorite berry? Have you ever tried your hand at making berry tarts?

Photo credit: tiger in a jar