A Year in the Garden

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A Year in the Garden runs for four minutes and sixteen seconds and it shows, well, a year in the garden.

I accidentally ran across this brilliant video by Brad Hiebert. Full disclosure: I do not know Mr. Hiebert, but I admire his professional talents and gardening capabilities.

Obviously, he is a very visual person and using his prowess he shows us one year in the life of his family’s garden–in four minutes and sixteen seconds.

His art cards that appear at the beginning of the film explain a lot. I think I’ll quote them here:

In the sprawling, congested suburbs of Los Angeles . . .

One family tries to be more green, healthy and organic . . .

By trying to learn how to grow their own food . . .

And then we are treated to a visual feast of sorts as we see the Hiebert family going through the mechanics of setting up their garden. The action is speeded up to show how much effort goes into putting in a garden, cultivating it, and finally enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of their labor. All done with a smile. Gardening is fun!

One family tries to be more green, healthy and organic.

Here in the summer of 2013, in the middle of July, gardens have long been planted. The asparagus, English peas–all the early arrivals–have come and gone. Salad greens, cucumbers, carrots and fennel are coming on strong, with tomatoes, corn and peaches ready for their close-ups. But there’s always next year’s garden!

Next winter, when you are considering if this is the year to put in your first garden, or like the old hand that you are, planning your next extravaganza, perhaps you’ll be inspired by Brad Hiebert’s short film: A Year in the Garden.

Do you have a garden? Do you have any advice to give someone thinking about putting one in next year?

Photo Credit: Brad Hiebert